Whatapp vs Telegram

WhatsApp vs Telegram – What Are The Reasons To Switch To Telegram or Is WhatsApp Still Good?

Are you looking forward to know which one is better out of Whatsapp vs Telegram? Read the content till the end to know more information regarding Telegram and Whatsapp.

About Telegram

In 2013, the Pavel Durov and Nikolai started Telegram. They had VK social network of Russian which is popular before starting Telegram. However, they left the company after it is acquired by the mail Ru group.

Telegram Positives

Support: Multi Platform

Whatspp requires mobile app to run. But, Telegram has the apps which are independent for almost all the platforms offering.


The bots in the Telegram can perform different tasks. For example, the image bot is able to get the image on typing the name. There are many other bots like Sticker bot, image bot, gif bot, etc.


Telegram ensures the contact numbers of the person’s. So, you are able to chat with others with the help of the public usernames. It works same as messenger which helps to chat with a person with the help of user name/profile name without any contact number requirement like whatsapp.

Secret Chat

The chat end-to-end encryption allows to set timer to self destruct messages after specific time. If the screenshots are taken, the user will get notification and one more important feature is that the secret chat is not able to forward.

Channels & Groups

In Telegram channels allows to add members of unlimited people. The group or channel admin can take a decision which member can post in the group and who can view the posts.

Multiple Sessions

On using Telegram, you can login to multiple devices at a time which allows you to receive messages on all devices at a time. The special feature of it makes to remember sessions and on the browser too.

Voice Calls

The latest Telegram comes with the voice call option. So, you can enjoy calling feature as the Whatsapp.

Sharing File

The shocking factor is that using Telegram you can share file of 1.5 GB. But, Whatsapp restrict the file sharing to certain MB like 15 MB not more than that. Either the Image, document, and video type files are restricted in Whatsapp and not restricted in Telegram.

Media Compression

Telegram has the media compression option, but you can choose the option whether to choose compression or not. You can share the image and video without any compression that completely depends on your requirement.

Telegram Download Link

About Whatsapp

In 2009, the former Yahoo employer Jan Koum and Brian Acton are together for whatsapp incorporation. Initially, Acton and Koum is rejected by Facebook initially but later acquired it for $ 19 billion in the year 2014.

Whatsapp Positives

User Base

According to the year 2018 analytics, Whatsapp had about 1.5 billion users which are active over the year and Telegram had around 200 million users active. It is more evident that the Whatsapp had more active users than the Telegram social messaging app.

Voice & Video Calls

Whatsapp supports video and voice calls. The Telegram only supports audio calls.

End 2 End Encryption

The Whatsapp has the end 2 end encryption but Telegram doesn’t had this feature. Telegram has only secret chat feature. According to it Whatsapp vs Telegram, Whastapp has more secured structure.

Read & Delivery Reports

In whatsapp, you can see the read and delivery reports. The single tick represents message sent but the delivered person didn’t have internet. Double tick represents, the message is delivered but not read. Finally, the blue tick represents the message is read by the person.


There are many smiley, GIF, and sticker options. It helps to share the emotions in the pictorial format.

File Attachments

It has the feature to share the doc files and audio files.

Location Share

The location share option and the live location option are the best features of Whatsapp. You can get know the Live location of the person, if he/she shares their live location. Till the live location if off by the person, you can know the person wherever they go.

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Whastapp Vs Telegram

There are positives for Whatsapp and Telegram. The issue is Telegram has some attractive features and Whatsapp has some other attractive features. It’s tough to tell Whatsapp is best or Telegram is best.

Due to the higher MB file sharing option, secret chat and username profiles, most people are tend to use Telegram. This doesn’t mean whatsapp is losing it’s user’s but Telegram is also becoming popular and increasing it’s users day by day drastically.

According to the people’s feature requirements, they are choosing between Whatsapp and Telegram. Some people are using both social messaging apps as they are in need of both the features.

However, Both Whatsapp vs Telegram both are the best social messaging app for easy messaging and to connect with people.

Final Thoughts: Whatsapp vs Telegram

The comparison between Whatsapp Vs Telegram is little tricky. Henceforth, both has positives, so they are having millions of active users and increasing it drastically.

If you are not using any of the app or using only one app, go and use the other app which has much more options which you must try.

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