Torrentz2 Proxy and List of Mirror Sites to Unblocked Torrentz2 EU

Torrentz2 Proxy and List of Mirror Sites to Unblocked Torrentz2 EU

Torrentz2 Proxy

Hey, friends are you looking for Torrentz2 Proxy and Mirror Sites?

Then you are in the right place because here I discuss all on this topic. So continue with this article to get information.

First, what is this?

What is Torrentz2 and Its Proxy?

So this is an online search engine which helps you to find torrent files on the internet. This search engine has 90+ another directory database.

In past this search engine name is ‘Torrentz’ but it’s banned by the government so it is relaunched by the new name ‘Torrentz2’.

Now the problem is that many ISP is blocked by this site on government order because here also you can find pirated files which are copyright by others.

But I have a solution to unblocked this search engine.

Unblocked Torrentz2 With this Mirror Sites

So the first way to unblock this search engine is its mirror sites.

This mirror site has access of this search engine so it provides you all result from the main directory when you search something on this mirror sites.

I hope you understand and below is a list of these sites try one by one and choose which is best for you.

Torrentz Proxy/MirrorOnline Y/N

Now many times you can not access this all mirror site because the majority of this websites is banned by your government.

But no problem I have a solution for you:

How To Access Torrentz2 Website With VPN

Yes, you can access this sites with VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Now, what actually happens when any government banned any website?

The government order all ISP in his country that if any IP address from this country try to access this website then blocked them.

And you can not reach that website.

But with VPN you can change your IP Adress. Now follow this step to unblock Torentz2.

  • First Download any good VPN (I recommend you Hola).
  • Now open it and choose any country and click on connect.
  • Once it connected open your web browser and try to access that website.
  • If you can do it then done if you can not access then change the country and try again.

And remember that country for future visits.

Now it’s time for Alternatives.

Best Alternatives of Torrentz2

Here are some alternatives which provide the same facilities. (All are 100% free)

I hope you like this article if you have any question regarding this topic then ask me in the comment I definitely give you an answer.

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