Top 10 Software Used by PCD Pharma Companies in India

The pharma franchise companies in India operate just like any other normal business organization
and also use technologies and software for the smooth running of the business.

The Indian pharma industry works on a worldwide scale and in this manner running a business
venture using trending software becomes a crucial component for the pharma franchise companies
in India. The best pharma franchise companies use one of the many business software to carry out
business and in some cases, companies opt for more than one software for different departments.

If you have just started a pharma franchise company in India, how do you know which software is
good for you? We aim to save you all the fretting by listing out the 10 most popular software used by
the top pcd pharma companies in India.

Top Software Used by the PCD Pharma Companies in India

The accompanying rundown constitutes the 10 most popular software used by the best PCD pharma
company in India and the pharma PCD companies in India.


MARG ERP 9 is a popular software used by the best pharma franchise companies. The
software is commonly used by small-scale to large-scale pharma PCD companies in India and
across other industries besides pharma. The software can be customized to suit your business


Logic Pharma is one of the best pharma software available used by some of the best pharma
franchise companies in India. Logic Pharma empowers pharma franchise companies to achieve
smooth running business operation in an ideal way which is both gainful and moral.


A pharmacy software, Pharma Care deals with the accounting aspect and used by top
companies on pharma franchise company list. The product takes care of invoicing, stock
tracking, and more.


Pharma Soft is one of the best 10 software used by the pharma franchise companies in India.
Organizations confronting quality issues can enhance their frameworks utilizing this quality
administration programming.


Medismo Pharma CRM is the most ideal approach for a pharma franchise company in India to
control its pharma activity whenever and from anyplace on the planet. Regardless of whether
relationship building with clients is the most critical part of the business for you or you want to
keep track with your contacts including doctors, distributors, chemists, healthcare centers, you
could do everything through Medismo Pharma CRM.


Medeil Plus is pharmaceuticals business software which is used as an online pharmacy
software. Medeil Plus is a cost-effective software utilized by drug stores and clinics to deal with
Over-the-Counter sales and doctor prescriptions.


Tally.ERP 9 is the most well-known ERP software used across major industries all over India.
The software was designed considering the business challenges, prerequisites that businesses
all over the world face. Tally.ERP 9 handles accounts, stock management, finance. It decreases
the complexities that accompany GST without breaking a sweat.

8. SAP

SAP is one of the most commonly used software for the business purpose used around the
world. SAP integrates various departments within a company through a single interfacing
platform and handles business-client relationships. With business dealings and requirements
becoming more complex and advanced, SAP comes to the rescue with its easy-to-use
functionalities and features. You will easily locate a best PCD pharma company in India that
uses SAP to manage its business.


Innova software is one of the best 10 pharma software used by pharma franchise companies
in India for the exclusive purpose of networking and keeping track of associates. The software
stores all data pertaining to partnership in one place. This data may include network contacts,
client information, companies, meeting discussions, business agreements, and much more.


Open MRS is an open platform that helps with the delivery of health solutions to developing
countries around the world. The framework can be utilized in destitution ridden territories and
can be annexed with new information, highlights, and reports without utilizing any software.
The above software are widely in use all over India and the pharma PCD companies in Chandigarh
are no exception. For more details on the top pharmacy software, call Pharmafranchiseeindia at

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