How To Install WordPress Step By Step Process

Hey, are you a beginner? and looking for ‘How To Install WordPress Guide’ then you are in right place.

So today in this article you will learn how to install WordPress with the step by step process.

WordPress is the best cms platform to run your blog or website. With WordPress, you can customize your blog very simply(If you want to start a new blog then WordPress is the best choice for you.).

Here mainly two methods to install WordPress. We discuss this two method step by step.

  1. With Softaculous App Installer.
  2. With File Manager.

How To Install WordPress with Softaculous App Installer

With Softaculous App Installer, you can install WordPress with few clicks. But some hosting providers don’t provide Softaculous App Installer.

If your hosting provider provides you Softaculos App Installer then follow this step by step process to install WordPress on your website. (In many cases is available.)

  • Open your cpanel account (type ) and log in with your username and password (which you provided by your hosting provider through the mail).
  • Once you login in cpanel follows this step.
  • Now find SOFTWARE section on your cpanel dashboard and click on Softaculous App Installer.
    Software Section Image
    Software Section in cPanel
  • Here so many options are available but we want to install WordPress so choose WordPress and click install now. (Required Space: 25.98 MB to install WordPress)
  • Now you can show many options here I explain all of this step by step :
WordPress Install Dashboard Image
WordPress Install Dashboard
  1. Choose protocol: Choose the protocol HTTP, HTTPS, etc. If you already install SSL certificate then choose HTTPS otherwise choose HTTP.
  2. Choose Domain: Here choose the domain name in which domain you want to install WordPress.
  3. In directory: Choose the directory where you want to install WordPress. If you choose any directory then the WordPress install in that particular For example, you choose wp directory so your site open in this address ( I suggest you leave it blank.
  4. Site Setting: Here enter a name of your blog and a short description of your blog. (You can change it at any time after installation)
  5. Admin Account: Enter the username and password for admin login and save it because it required to login. (Password must be strong)
  6. Now simply choose languages and click on install. It takes some time to install. If all things are right your WordPress has installed successfully.

And your WordPress installation process has completed!

Now you can access your WordPress admin panel by typing ( in your address bar.

Any error occurred during this process let’s see another process to install WordPress.

How to Install WordPress with File Manager

In cpanel, you can see one option File Manager under the Files section. With this option, you can edit, delete or upload new files to your website.

If you are a beginner or you want to learn actually how Softaculous App Installer installs the WordPress on our website then I suggest follow this step to install WordPress on your website.

So let’s see how to install WordPress with File Manager:

  • First, go to the WordPress official website and download the WordPress zip file by clicking on Download WordPress.
  • Once the download is completed, simply log in to your cpanel account. And click on File manager which you can see under File Section. (It’s open in new windows)
File Manager
File Manager
  • Now Go to public_html and click on Upload button which stays on top of the page.
Upload Zip File
Upload Zip File
  • On next step select WordPress zip which you downloaded from WordPress official site. And upload on a public_html directory (Current Directory).
  • Once file upload successfully then simply click on Go Back and come to file manager. Now select the zip file and click on Extract.
Extract Zip File
Extract Zip File
  • Here you notice that when you extract the zip file, you can see all file is in WordPress folder but we require it in the public_html directory. (If you don’t move files on public_html then your website open in
  • So open the WordPress folder and select all file. Click on the move button and move all files in the public_html folder.
Move Selected File
Move Selected File
  • Now open your website (by typing You can see its say you to set up the WordPress.

So Let’s set up WordPress on our website:

  • First simply select your language and click on Continue.
  • Now If you install WordPress with this method, you need to create your database manually. (In the first method Softaculous App Installer automatically create a database)

So you know how to create a database it’s Great!

Don’t know! No Problem Follow this steps to create a database for WordPress.

How to Create Database for WordPress

A database is a place where all the data of the website store(Usernames, Passwords, Comments, Etc.). So let’s see how to create a database with cpanel.

  • First, come back on cpanel main dashboard and find DATABASE section and click on the MySQL Databases(This is a type of database).
Database Section
Database Section
  • Here you can create your database. Simply enter any database name what’s you like and click on Create Database and your databse has been created.
Create New Database
Create New Database
  • We created a database but we need the MySQL user to access this database so scroll down the page and find MySQL Users section. And enter username and password and click on Create User.
Add MySQL User
Add MySQL User
  • So now we have Database and MySQL user to access the database but we don’t assign any permission to the user to the access database.
  • So scroll down the page and come to the Add User To Database section. Select the user and database and click on Add.
Add User To Database
Add User To Database
  • Its ask you that which permission you want to give this user. To install the WordPress you give all permission so select ALL PRIVILEGES and click on Make Changes.

And its Done!

Now we have one database and one user to access the database, so come back on your website.

  • And Fill Database name, Username, and Password. In Database Host type localhost and in Table Prefix enter any name.
Enter User and Database
Enter User and Database
  • After filling all details simply click on Submit and Run the Installation.
  • Now you can see WordPress ask some details that we discuss above so fill it and click on Install WordPress.(Note: Don’t click on Search Engine Visibility checkbox if you want to index your site in google.)
how to install WordPress
WordPress Installation Form

And its Done!

Your WordPress has been installed. Now you can log in to WordPress admin area(By typing with your Username and Password.

How to Install WordPress on localhost

If you are an absolute beginner and don’t know what is WordPress and how to use it so I recommend you that you first install WordPress in localhost and learn WordPress basic things.

So let’s see how to install WordPress on localhost step by step.

  • First, you need one local server so you can try xampp, wamp, mamp, etc.
  • In this tutorial, we work with xampp.
  • So Go to xampp website and download xampp server.
Download xampp
Download xampp
  • Once you download xampp then open and start the installation process. Click on Next to start.
  • On next step make sure all checkboxes are marked with the right and simply finish the installation process.
  • Now launch the xampp server and  Apache server and MySQL database so click on Start.
Start Local Server
Start Local Server
  • Once you start both services go to web browser and type localhost in the address bar.
  • Now you can see the dashboard of xampp local server. To install WordPress come to the footer and click on WordPress Icon.
  • Now you have to download WordPress installer to install WordPress so click on Windows in the WordPress section.
  • Once download complete open and install it.
  • During the installation process, you need to fill in this form. Here it asks you username, password, and email address.
Fill The Details
Fill The Details
  • On next step, it asks you blog name so give any name what you want.
  • And complete the installation process.

Now you can see your website at localhost/WordPress and login into admin area at localhost/WordPress/wp-admin.

And its Done!

If you have any question you can ask it in a comment😊.

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